Colruyt is a Belgian company that aims for maximum added value for the economy, people and the environment. Sustainable entrepreneurship is in their DNA. They work with a minimum of raw materials, energy and human effort.

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About the customer - Colruyt

Colruyt is originally a Belgian supermarket chain that wants to distinguish itself from the competition through its no-nonsense approach. Colruyt has since grown into the Colruyt Group, a multinational that is active in retail, wholesale and web shops, among other things.

Sustainability has been a common thread running through their activities for more than fifty years. The ambitions in this area are far reaching, because the Colruyt Group wants to be a reference point for sustainable business in Belgium. It is therefore not surprising that Colruyt and Pathema found each other. Both are proud of what they do, but at the same time they realize that progress and innovation can only be achieved by constantly moving forward and by daring to innovate. Step by step.

Our collaboration

As early as 2013,  a consortium including Vlakwa (the Flemish Knowledge Center for Water), the KU Leuven and a number of Belgian companies, started an onsite experiment at a food manufacturer. In the applied research, Pathema’s IVG-CT was deployed to prevent limescale, corrosion and biological growth in the evaporative condenser.

The results of this project were clear. After an 8 month test period, it could be concluded that after using Pathema’s technology, the evaporative condenser worked optimally and 100% chemical-free. Without any limescale or corrosion on the essential parts. A reduction of microbial growth in the cooling water was even achieved. The project was concluded convincingly and successfully.

Rainwater as a source

Colruyt was one of the participants in the consortium. Because the results of the project were so good, and because of the social, circular and financial benefits of using the IVG-CT, the decision was made to partner up with Pathema.

In the first year Colruyt decided to rent the IVG4-CT for their distribution center in Dassenveld. The refrigeration required by Colruyt is used for the storage of all frozen and cooled food. After a test period of one year, Colruyt decided to purchase the IVG4-CT. The installation runs entirely on rainwater, and has been running successfully for over 4 years.

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